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Coke Animals Set 4


Coke Animals Set 4

Case # HS1003

The Coca Cola Company

International Collection

Set 4 of 5

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Coke Animals Set 4

Case # HS1003

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The Coca Cola Company International Collection

Set 4 of 5

  Coke Animals Set HS1003 5

The Coca Cola Company has authorized this special International Coca-Cola brand Bean Bag Plush collection honoring the countries of the world in which Coca-Cola is sold. The 1999 edition features 50 countries with each one represented by the animal or bird for which the country is famous.

Set 4 contains

Nigeria’s Topus the Zebra #0241

Greenland’s Waller the Walrus #0242

Bolivia’s Laffs the Llama #0243

Ireland’s Woolsy the Sheep #0244

Sudan’s Crunch the Crocodile #0245

Romania’s Howls the Wolf #0246

Singapore’s Orany the Orangutan #0247

Niger’s Ardie the Aardvark #0248

Nambia’s Heeta the Cheetah #0249

Vietnam’s Blubby the Pot Belly Pig #0250

Brand new, mint condition, never been displayed or handled. Set includes ten bean bag plush animals. Each item includes the original licensed hangtag, Country flag tag, and original clear bottle cap hangtag protector.

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