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Dickens’ Village Collection

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Issued from 1986-1995, Fezziwig’s Warehouse includes: light cord and bulb. A perfect addition to the Dickens’ Village collector! This item is new, in mint condition, and includes the original box.

Dickens’ Village Series

This English village owes a great deal of its popularity to the author after whom it was named. Six of his novels are portrayed in at least one building within the collection, although technically the Satis Manor from Great Expectations is part of the Literary Classics Series. But references to David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, Oliver Twist, The Old Curiosity Shop, and – most especially – A Christmas Carol have been among the most popular pieces in the village. Some have even been re-issued in updated forms following their retirement. Furthermore, the pieces in the Charles Dickens’ Signature Series depict buildings from the life of the novelist.

But there is much more to this collection than just the entertaining stories of one prolific author. Rural countryside pieces with thatched roofs and small town shops dominated for many years, while more recent buildings seem to reflect an urban London from the past. Maritime pieces pay tribute to England’s history as a nation of seafarers. There are beautiful churches, formidable castles and palaces, and – before they were designated as Historical Landmark Series pieces – representations of some of the nation’s most famous structures.

Several accessories are characters from Dickens’ works, and there are even images of the man himself reading from his works, writing, and raising a flag. In addition to figurines and small non-lit structures, there are exquisite coaches, a variety of mongers, the Twelve Days of Dickens’ Village Characters, and links to rail lines that crossed the country. The Abington Canal Series and Queens Port pieces prove that it is a diverse country with a diverse history that has been captured brilliantly.

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