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It’s a Boy Angel


The Cat’s Meow

Angel Pin Series


Brand new mint condition includes Angel pin.

Also includes original hangtag.

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It’s A Boy Angel

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The Cat’s Meow

Angel Pin Series


It's A Boy Angel 1

Brand new mint condition includes Angel pin.

Also includes original hangtag with the following saying:

“It’s a boy”

Is the joyous news this “Thoughtful little angel delivers from above.

He traveled to Earth upon a shooting star, all bundled up in love.

Sent to fulfill the destiny that was his, right from the start,

He snuggles into the space reserved for him, within our heart!

Thoughtful Little Angels

“Our journey began with a verse and a keepsake”…. Having a passion for writing, Janis combined her own verses with an angel pin, Dale built the displays and together they displayed Thoughtful Little Angels in their boutique “The Cat’s Meow”. It was an immediate success! With angels in hand, they took to the road calling on retailers just like themselves. Finding the same immediate success, thus began the journey of Thoughtful Angels and Friends™.

Today, thousands of retailers across Canada, USA and Australia share in the success of Jan and Dale Hinkle’s creation. All pins are Lead free and Cadmium Free and manufactured in the USA. With over 2500 titles, English, French and Spanish, Thoughtful Little Angels™ and Thoughtful Little Critters™ are an amazing collection, each with an original, heart tugging verse. All of the verses are uplifting with an inspirational, comforting and sometimes humorous message. People that receive them as gifts always tuck away the cards as keepsakes and treasure the heartfelt meaning from Jan’s words.

These sentiment rich verses and keepsake pins have inspired hundreds of letters from recipients of Angels!

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